Now entering it’s third year, the Great British Divide is an unsupported MTB bikepacking event from one end of the country to the other. After a years delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first edition took place in Summer 2021 during what was one of the wettest summers on record – it was character building…. The second edition in 2022 was a much drier experience, and with some refinement to the route and a new finish location at the iconic Nevis Range in Fort William was close to perfect!

The Divide is not a race; it is an adventure and reliability test to be completed in a couple of weeks. Travelling from the bottom to nearly the top of Great Britain, at times taking a less obvious route whilst passing through much of the most beautiful, dramatic and testing terrain the country has to offer, including the majority of our National Parks.

The Full Route with a distance of 2000km and 35000m of climbing and the new for 2023 Short(er) Route at 1400km and 27000m are both around 70% off-road and both provide a challenge and experience you will never forget.

In August 2023 the third edition will roll out from the new start location of Dover, will you be one of the riders…..?


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