As life becomes busier and more complex there is a small but growing movement to escape the chaos…. to break away from normal, to strip away comforts, to be outdoors, to have an adventure…. and in our case to do it all on a bike.

Adventure cycling is developing, and from the massive Tour Divide in America a number of other Divide inspired events are appearing around the world.

In Great Britain we have the famous Lands End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) by road and now as a gravel version plus a number of excellent smaller two or three day bikepacking events. There has been nothing however that combines a truly long distance self-supported event with being off-road on a mountain bike. Until now that is.

The Great British Divide starts in the South East of the country on the Channel Coast and the Port of Dover and twists and turns its way up the country passing through the majority of the National Parks all the way up to the Highlands of Scotland.

The route will be around 65-70% off-road taking advantage of the countries extensive network of Bridleways and Trails, Double-Track, Fire Roads, and Single-Track. Where the use of traditional roads is required, these will mostly be minor and quiet roads and only used to link between the various off-road trails on the route.