FACEBOOK PAGE – The Facebook page is the place to find much of the information about the event and the various updates we make during the approach to it. It is also where we will share the progress of the riders once we are live and underway in August – be sure to share it with your family and friends. You can find the page here If you don’t use Facebook please let us know and we can share all the relevant details by e-mail.

FACEBOOK GROUP – In addition to our Facebook page their is also a dedicated group for riders of the event. This is a great place to share stories and photos of your training, plans and bike set-ups together with a friendly space where you can ask questions and network with like-minded individuals. The Great British Divide Riders group can be found here

INSTAGRAM PAGE – We all love great photos and what better place to post them is there?! You can find our page here and post your own photos from you training rides and of your bike set-ups using the hashtags #gbd2023 and #greatbritishdivide

STRAVA CLUB – We have set-up a Strava Club for all participants to record their training and engage with one another. You can join the club here

LEAVE NO TRACE – Do Bikepackers Sh!t in the Woods?! You bet they do! BUT, and this is important, do it responsibly. Pack a trowel – they weigh a tiny amount and are not expensive, dig a ‘cathole’ and cover it up. There are loads of Youtube videos of the right way to do it but it’s maybe one to search for at home and not on your work computer!!

SECURITY – It’s a sad fact of life that there are some idiots out there who like to steal bikes and in fact in 2021 one of our riders bikes was stolen. On these events you have to leave your bike unattended at times when re-supplying for example. We are all conscious of weight but our recommendation is to include a lock in your packing list and do your best to secure your bike. There are times on these events when you might be pleased if someone did take your bike but that’s not a feeling that will last! Please be smart and minimise the risk.